Static DNS Entries in EdgeOS for EdgeRouter 10x

The quick search I did on the internet didn't have any pictures and I thought some pictures would really help explain the process.

Hopefully this is more helpful for you than a bulleted list...

Navigate to the config tree

EdgeRouter Config Tree

Navigate to your router's IP Address and then hit "Config Tree" in the navigation bar

  • click on system, then
  • click on static-host-mapping, then
  • click on host-name

Add an entry in the host-name box, hit Update List when done

EdgeRouter add-entry-and-hit-done

Then click on the new entry's right arrow in the config tree.

EdgeRouter new-entrys-tree-expand

Click add on both alias and inet. I'm not sure if alias is needed (my guess is it makes a second name mapping)

EdgeRouter Add alias and inet

Add your content into the two boxes and then hit "Preview" on the bottom.

EdgeRouter add-content-and-hit-preview

Hit Apply to commit your changes, if you are ready!

EdgeRouter hit-apply-to-commit-changes

My final configuration is below:

EdgeRouter Final Configuration

Demo of DNS entry in use

EdgeRouter Static Route Demo with UnRaid OS

Edit (2021-02-02)

I recommend using pi-hole's "Local DNS" Feature, rather than the EdgeOS interface. Pi-hole is much simpler and having a recursive DNS server for your home network is a nice piece of mind privacy wise.

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